“Improving Revenue Growth and Leadership Performance”


Building a “learning sales organization” – a sales force that values continuous development, responds quickly to market changes, and adapts to changing priorities – doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a careful capability building, and significant culture change for many organizations.

Sputnik-3 works with leadership to enhance their creative capacity to invent the future and their capability to navigate the delicate balance between short-term profitability and long-term common good. Our approach is to work with leaders and teams in their transformation to creating a future different than the one they are living in by improving revenue growth and leadership performance.

We have three core competencies embodied in the implementation, training and coaching of;

The Leadership Circle (1) leadership & organisational development

(2) deep sales methodologies and

(3) customer facing intelligent software.

At Sputnik-3 our philosophy is to help individuals and organisations activate the power of their inherent potential. Once we share a common vision, Sputnik-3 facilitates the transformation which enables our customers to realise the benefits associated with their potential.

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