“It’s all about Revenue Growth!”


Sputnik-3 works with businesses and entrepreneurs to transform the performance of their companies and achieve remarkable success in the areas of revenue growth and customer service. We use Pipedrive (CRM) for Small Business & Entrepreneurs and the Salesforce.com (CRM) & Altify (Sales Effectiveness Software and Methodology) platforms for complex sales, to help our customers become truely “customer centric”!



Our three core competencies are embodied in the implementation, training and coaching of;


(1) Altify deep sales methodologies,

(2) customer facing intelligent software by Pipedrive, Alitfy and  Salesforce.com,

(3) revenue growth strategy formulation & implementation


And, our aim is to implement solutions that are proven in the market, deliver rapid returns and don’t require a significant amounts of ongoing maintenance.


“Sputnik-3 see functionality in simplicity.”

The more precisely I drive, the more I enjoy myself