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Does your company reside on the African continent and want to “test drive” the worlds best Account Management system free for 7 days?Free 7 Day AM Free Trial


Not only will you get to use world leading software that utilises Augmented Intelligence to improve you penetration and win rate but we’ll throw in a free single person, 1 hour “Best Practice” session to make sure you’re using the #1 Account Planning methodology and are able to immediately realise the benefits of our software!


About Altify Account Manager


Altify makes it easy and intuitive for sales teams to apply sales methodology to grow revenue and make their customers successful. We infused 30 years’ sales knowledge and sales insights into the Altify software platform (previously called Dealmaker).


What Account Planning and Going to War Having in Common

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Now enabled with real-time coaching, insights and notifications through Altify Max, sellers can uncover their customers’ problems first, win the deals that matter, increase wallet share in existing customers, and manage overall sales team performance.


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