Part 2: Haile Selassie – Great Leaders develop Caring Connections

The Caring Connection leadership dimension measures one’s interest in and ability to form warm, Haile Selassiecaring relationships.


If you were to study any group of high performing group of people, you will notice that they genuinely care about each other.


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When you score high on Caring Connection, it means that people feel supported in your presence because you are open to high quality, trusting, caring relationships. You tend to accept others for who they are and communicate unconditional positive regard. You willing to vulnerably share strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears . Others tend to trust you with these same very human aspects of their selves.


Scoring high on Caring Connection suggests that you (among other things):


  • – Show empathy for the concerns and struggles of others
  • – Care how others feel
  • – Are happy for others when they succeed
  • Scoring low on Caring Connection does not mean that you do not care for people, rather it usually means that you maintain a safe distance from other people. You keep your guard to protect yourself and in this way remain defended.

The spectrum of behavior that results from scoring low in Caring Connection ranges from keeping relationships strictly technical/professional to being cold and unfeeling. The result is an under performing organisation, studies have also found that caring relationships reduce stress and promote health and well-being.


Some behaviors that could prevent you from forming caring relations include:


  • – Keeping conversations polite, technical or mental
  • – Witholding sharing the positive feelings you have for others
  • – Don’t often trust others
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