Part 2: Tiger Woods – Great Sales Leaders are Balanced

David Feherty isn’t one to shy away from making his opinion heard. After watching Tiger Woods Great Sales Leaders are Balancedrinse three shots in the water on live TV last week, debate over the 14-time major winner’s return is a hot topic of conversation. So no one should be surprised that the NBC announcer weighed in on the matter.

“I am not sure that Tiger will come back because it is a nerve in his back,” Feherty said on Tuesday at a Dublin event. “It’s not muscular or skeletal. It’s not something you can deal with in a physical way.

“I think he has a feeling that if he doesn’t make it back this time, he might be done from a physical standpoint.” – Golf Digest

He hadn’t so much as taken a practice swing when he grabbed a wedge and stood on the 10th tee at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland, not a cloud in the sky on a crisp Monday morning. For a man who has had his every move scrutinized since he was a teenager, here was Tiger Woods, asked to hit a golf ball over a pond and onto a green, the pin 102 yards away, a few dozen eyes upon him.


He took the club back, made a pass through the ball, stood straight as he stared it down, allowed the club to slide through his hands – and watched the ball splash.

“Oh, that was stiff,” he said. “Ugh.”

He put down another ball, and into the drink it went. A third: Off the bank, and in again. – Chigaco Tribune


Things haven’t been great for Tiger Woods over the past couple of years but was does he need to recapture his former glory? In Tiger’s own words “I need to regain my balance.”, what exactly does it mean for a leader to be balanced?

Balance, in our language measures your ability, in the midst of conflicting tension of modern life to keep a healthy balance between business and family, activity and reflection, work and leisure. It measures you tendency to self-renewing and handle the stress of life without losing yourself.

Measuring high on balance means you are able to maintain high performance in spite of stressful environments. You attain this by cultivating and inner equilibrium and by integrating and balancing the various aspects of your life. Good balance aids you in remaining calm, considerate and in making good decisions under pressure. You can also provide support to other in difficult times.


If you score low on balance, you may become a victim of stress and burn out. You may diminish your personal life in pursuit of your work goals and undermine your physical health. You may want to consider the following if your “balance”score is low:

  • – Are present for those you care about?
  • – Do you spend too much time meeting obligations?
  • – Are you balancing work with play?


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