Sales Effectiveness

What Is a Selling Methodology?


According to a Sales Benchmark Index article by John Kenney, “a sales methodology is the ‘how’ of selling as a skill set.”

Unlike a sales process, which lays out the specific steps your reps take to move a brand-new, unqualified lead to a customer, a selling methodology usually doesn’t apply to the entire sales cycle. Instead, it’s relevant to one specific part — qualification, discovery, demo, and so on.


That’s not the only difference between sales processes and selling methodologies. Every organization must develop its own unique sales process based on its market, vertical, products, and industry position. What works for one company will totally flop for another.

All different types of teams, on the other hand, can implement the same selling methodology.


The Sales Process

The measurable, consistent, and systematic series of steps that map out and track interaction with prospects from their first point of engagement through the closing of an opportunity.


The Sales Methodology

The learned behaviors, tactics, and strategies used by a sales team to execute and fulfill the sales process in a professional and conversation manner.