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Sputnik-3 are not an IT company, we are however a “Performance Transformation” company that is focused on “Improving Revenue Growth and Leadership Performance”.


With many years of experience in the IT industry implementing sales and customer management solutions, we recognise the need to have intelligent CRM (Customer Relationship Management systems) in place to improve our customer’s customer experience and drive their revenue generation capability.


Implementing a CRM system in your business is not simply about adopting a “best of bread” tool!


Sputnik-3’s philosophy with regards to CRM tools is uncomplicated; 1) they must be mobile, 2) simple to use, 3) deliver value to sales people, 4) encompass methodology elements, 5) integrate demand generation and 6) provide “real-time” reporting. Although we are focused on working with our clients to get their CRM system structured to deliver better results (whichever CRM system that may be), when it comes to implementing a new CRM system we have chosen to Partner with……The Customer Success Platform.



At, they also put aside 1% of our equity, 1% of our employee time, and 1% of our product to form the These two key decisions have fueled incredible growth, made them the global leader in CRM, defined the era of cloud computing, and inspired a new philanthropic model for all to follow. Today, Salesforce is powering innovation in sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, apps, and more.

Thanks to their dedicated employees, partners, and the customers they serve, their  industry-leading customer platform has become the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem. Industries and companies of all sizes can connect to their customers like never before using the latest innovations in mobile, social, and cloud technology. Welcome to The Customer Success Platform.