Sales Transformation

Finding and delivering new streams of revenue for Small & Medium Business (SMB) can be quite a daunting task!Maximise Performance

There are no huge amounts of budget available to implement highly functional CRM systems, send staff on training and employ highly paid sales managers to keep the sales team aligned with the marketing engine and bringing in the money. Sometimes there is no formal marketing person and no sales team to speak of, only one or two people who are tasked with generating the much needed new business to keep cash flow alive……


However, smart SMB owners have to do the best with what they have, efficiency needs to be at an all time high and the scarce resources that they have need to be deployed to maximum effect! Large Businesses have spent huge Sputnik-3 Implementation Methodologyamounts of money on correcting some of the very same problems that SMBs suffer, at Sputnik-3 we know that particularly Small Businesses need to leverage off “free assets”rather than trying to “reinvent the wheel”. That is why we have taken the knowledge we gained from years of Enterprise Selling and implementing Sales Methodology to Large Businesses, and re-purposed it to fit the needs of SMB.


Our solutions targeted at SMBs are: fixed cost, lean, focused on empowering you (not requiring us come back to keep reinforcing or tweaking), rapid to implement, specific to the way you need to sell and use the assets you already have.


We’re passionate about helping SMBs achieve their revenue objectives and we want to share that passion with you!

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