Deal Evolution

The Deal EVO is a program for organisations that recognize the need to; choose the right deals to engage in, win Speed Boat Velocity
more competitive engagements and leverage resources by teaming effectively.


Typical challenges these businesses may face include:


  • – Wasting time engaging in the wrong deals
  • – Unpredictable loses or exists from deals
  • – Losing to competitors
  • – Value propositions not resonating with customers
  • – Being politically blindsided
  • – Poor alignment of resources across the business to drive sales


By the end of the program, your organization will be structured to “Sell like the best of them”!


Your sales team with have a methodology in place that includes: Lead Qualification, Deal Assessment, Customer Business Analysis, Political Strategy, Competitive Strategy, Value Proposition Crafting, Coaching and is driven from your CRM system.


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