Sales Evolution for SMB

The Sales EVO for Small & Medium Business (SMB) is a program for organisations that recognize the need to bringSales Evo for SMB more revenue and greater predictability to the sales side of their business.

Typical challenges these businesses may face include:

  • – Unsuccessful revenue & growth strategy execution
  • – Declining revenues
  • – Poor forecast accuracy
  • – Sales people not making quota
  • – Insufficient pipeline
  • – Losing business to competitors
  • – Poor alignment of resources across the business to drive sales

And, by the end of the program, your organization will be structured to “Sell like the best of them”!

Your Sales & Marketing assets will be aligned to the overall business strategy, sales driven metrics and behaviours will be in place  to increase pipeline and close more deals, a sales focused reporting rhythm will drive collaboration in the business and your sales tools will be set up to the  support performance transformation you are about to go through.

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