Max – Augmented Intelligence

Dynamic coaching and guidance powered by proven methodology and sales experience.


Altify Max – Imagine having deep muscle memory from a million sales engagements, knowledge of the world’s best sales methodologies, and the insights from your own business, all coming together to guide what to do next to progress a sale, to trigger the next action, to increase the seller’s knowledge, and achieve increased sales results, every day.

Infused with 30+ years sales knowledge, Altify Max is the catalyst for dramatic sales transformation. Through real-time coaching and notifications, sellers and managers become more proficient and more engaged – increasing sales productivity and sales results.


Max Monitors

Increase Engagement and



Sales teams using Altify Max become more proficient and are able to work more productively for greater sales results.

Example: When Joe is working a sales opportunity, Max monitors the critical data and events in the deal. When something of importance happens, Max assesses the impact, notifies Joe of the need to act, and prescribes the action Joe should take to progress the opportunity.


Real-Time Notification of Vulnerabilities


Altify Max instantly identifies warning signs so salespeople and managers can mitigate risk earlier in the sales process.

Example: As Laura the sales manager is busy managing her sales team, Max is keeping an eye on her sales forecast, her pipeline and her team’s key deals. Max notifies her to schedule a deal review for an important deal to keep it on track, or points out when her forecast is at risk and recommends corrective action.


Max guides

Personalization and Real‑time Sales Coaching

Altify Max was developed with more than 30 years of deep sales knowledge and packaged as a set of ‘business rules’ or insights that can help guide salespeople as they are working their sales opportunities or their accounts. Organizations can tailor Altify Max to their unique business and sales process by customizing or extending the supplied knowledge and insights.

Example: When Ken in sales operations, informed by Max reporting, sees opportunities to improve the teams’ performance, he can enhance the knowledge in Max to provide smarter guidance to the sales team to proactively and consistently get better results.