Relationship Map

Create a Map in SalesforceCreate a Map Directly from Salesforce

The power of visualization delivers immediate insights to the sales team. You can see with whom you should be spending time, who is for you and who is against you. You begin by creating a map with data that is already in Salesforce Contact records; however, by representing it graphically, it becomes more powerful and revealing.

Visualize the Map of the Buyer’s OrganizationVizualise Your Political Map

At a glance, you see some who is on your side (green on the map), who is not (red), and who is neutral (grey). You can also identify who are the decision makers, who are visionaries, who you have met with, and more. You can move individuals on the map with a simple drag and drop. When you do this, the “Reports To” setting in Salesforce is automatically updated because TAS Software is built ‘Inside Salesforce’, native on the Salesforce Platform.

Identify Buying RoleIdentify the Buying Role of Each Person

By identifying the buying role of each person on your Political Map, you can strategize to maximize your influence with the key people. A simple hierarchy org chart cannot provide this information because reporting structure may not align with buying roles. By using a visual map, your targets become clearer and you can focus better.

Relationship StatusIt’s Important to Know Who Your Friends Are

You need to identify your friends and also your enemies. Your goal should be to strengthen relationships with your friends, neutralize your enemies, and convert those who are neutral to become friends. You can track this all in your Political Map.

Import Contact from SalesforceImport Contacts from Salesforce to Build a Complete Map Easily

As you learn new information, you will want to update the Key Players on your Political Map. You may also want to add new Contacts to your map directly from Salesforce. Altify Relationship Map makes it easy, and because Salesforce “knows” the reporting structure, Relationship Map automatically places that person in the right place on map. You can also add a TBD (To Be Determined) placeholder on the map when you know that a person is involved in the buying process, but you don’t yet know where that person fits in the organization.

Add New ContactsAdd New Contacts to Your Map and Save to Salesforce Contact Records

You might want to add someone new to your Political Map, but that person is not yet in Salesforce. No problem. Simply create the new Contact directly on the Political Map, and it gets added automatically to Salesforce Contact Records.

Show Influence RelationshipsLines of Influence Show More Than Just Org Hierarchy

Sometimes things aren’t always as they appear, and the organizational hierarchy only tells part of the story. It will be very important to your sales teams efforts to see who influences whom, and your Political Map shows this clearly. It helps you get a clearer understanding of the overall picture of the buyer’s organization.

Smart CoachingGet Smart Coaching on Each Contact

You can click on any person in the Political map to see a lot more information. TS Software provides coaching advice that delivers vital information, such as whether the person is a high risk, whether they prefer you or a competitor, and what you should do next to win this deal. Effective coaching can help you win, and TAS Software provides real-time, deal-specific, contact-specific coaching advice.

Easy Access to LinkedIn or Twitter for Each ContactEasy Access to LinkedIn and Twitter for Each Contact

A good sales rep knows that you must do your research on a prospect. You can learn a lot about an individual by staying up to date with their social media profiles. TAS Software provides links directly from the Political Map to each contact’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. When it’s time to meet with your Contacts, you should learn what they have recently posted and any profile updates that might impact your relationships with them.

Get Smart CoachingUncover Vulnerabilities

TAS Software provides overall advice based on the Political Map, so you can better understand your position and see how well you are doing. And it provides advice on how to turn your challenges into opportunities to win.