Opportunity Manager

Increase win rates and grow deal size. Uncover the compelling event, navigate the political power structure, and focus on qualified deals with intelligent deal coaching.


Assess Your Strengths

Deal AssessmentTAS 1-20 is the roadmap for deal qualification, helping you understand the real opportunity, remove risk and chart a course to win. Analyze the opportunity based around four key questions:


  1. Is there an opportunity?
  2. Can we compete?
  3. Can we win?
  4. Is it worth winning?

Select the Best Competitive StrategyCompetitive Strategy

Altify Opportunity Manager recommends different Competitive Strategies for offensive and defensive situations based on your responses from a series of questions.

Political MapNavigate the¬†Buyer’s Organization

Identify the decision makers and their influencers, and determining who’s on your side and who might be an adversary. Focus your attention on winning the minds of the right people and ultimately shorten your sales cycle.


Align with the Buyer’s Decision CriteriaDecision Criteria

Detail key issues in the opportunity and then rank them based on importance to each key player. Opportunity Manager calculates the overall rank of each key issue across all key players, helping to support your overall strategy and providing focus to move forward.

Prime ActionsExecute Tactical Actions

Shorten your sales cycle and increase success by planning and executing the right tactical actions to win. Integrate these actions with your CRM system, managing your calendar and workflow of these actions.


Visualize Solutions with the BuyerInsight Map

Create customer-focused solutions and deepen the value that you provide to your customers by helping them to visualize and connect their business challenges to the solutions. Help them address and achieve their business goals.

Coach MeGet Real-Time Coaching

Get real-time, deal-specific coaching. Coach Me knows everything about the deal you are working on and coaches you on what you have to do to win the deal.