Sales Process Manager

Increase sales velocity for your team by applying repeatable winning sales playbooks based on intelligent industry templates and smart sales tools. Increase visibility into team performance and manage sales forecast and pipeline risk.

2 Sales ProcessKnow When Each Deal is Likely to Close

Altify Sales Process Manager projects the closure probability and close date based on objective data, rather than wishful thinking. And it updates your CRM for more accurate forecasts.

3 Sales ProcessConfigure the Sales Process to Your Business

Sales Process Manager tells you the steps you need to take to progress the deal, and is fully configured to your business and your customer’s buying process.

4 Sales ProcessUse the Right Sales Process for Each Deal

You can have multiple sales processes for all your lines of business and customer types.

Create Your Own Team Views

Managers can decide what their teams look like and are not restricted by the role hierarchy in Salesforce.

5 Team View See the Projected Revenue

You can see the projected revenue outcome for any time period, including both the Closed and Projected numbers.

6 Team View Uncover Risks in Your Pipeline

Do you worry when a sales rep is counting on one big deal to meet quota? Well, you should! Sales Performance Manager lets you visualize the deal mix, revealing the balance of large and small deals so you can be aware of the risks in your pipeline.