Organisational Leadership

Collective Leadership Development Helps Organizations Excel

An organization’s performance is directly tied to the effectiveness of its senior leaders. As a leadership coach or consultant, you can use tools from The Leadership Circle to apply a systemic approach—first assessing, then guiding the organization in developing leadership skills that help it reach new heights of business performance.


The Sputnik-3 method:

  • – Gives you the tools to employ a long-term, comprehensive approach to developing leadership systems in organizationsTLC 360
  • – Provides a complete set of proven assessment and leadership development materials and processes
  • – Enables you to foster and enhance development of individual and collective leadership competencies throughout organizations to improve business performance.


Organizational Leadership Development Process

  • – Organization leaders define goals for collective leadership and business performance
  • – Organization participates in leadership assessment survey(s)
  • – Certified leadership coach or consultant conducts leadership effectiveness workshops for organization’s members
  • – Organization members take new assessment survey to measure progress


Leadership Culture Survey

Assess the health and effectiveness of the leadership in your client organization with our Leadership Culture Survey. You can use the survey to assess your client’s leadership team or the entire organization. The results reveal how people view their current leadership culture and compare that reality to their view of the optimal culture they want. That “gap” reveals important opportunities for leadership development and provides a guide for you to begin a leadership development program.


This diagram illustrates how the survey measures two key domains of leadership, creative competencies and reactive tendencies.


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