The Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneurialism is a very interesting discipline, there are elements of being at the right place at the right (with tenacity in abundance) but The Entrepreneur Mindsetthere are also a definite set of personality traits which are common among successful entrepreneurs. Some people are born with them and others acquire them on their journey. Fortunately, they are not the domain of a few select individuals but can be learned and repeated like a cake recipe until they become part of the entrepreneur’s DNA.


One of the first traits that one may notice about a successful entrepreneur is that the are in most cases autodidacts. These people are “self-taught” and learn as the go, there appears to be a distinct personality rather than a formal qualification that positions certain individuals better than others to be entrepreneurs.


Amongst other things entrepreneurs know where and when to act, skilfully positioning themselves “at the right place, at the right time”.

If you would like to read more about the personality traits that strong entrepreneurs exhibit and how they determine where and when to act, download our presentation title “The Entrepreneur Mindset”.


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