Part 1: The necessary Dependency between Sales Quota, Teamwork and Performance

Sales Quota, Teamwork & PerformanceLike with Sharks and Pilot Fish, a symbiotic relationship needs to exist between Sales Teams and other areas of their business in order to drive performance in the right direction.


As with most endeavours where high performance is critical, sales teams need six key element to be in place in order for them to do their best work. It’s up to business leadership to build these six elements into the DNA of their organisation and to ensure that an environment exists where mutual dependency is created, measured and enforced. But what are these six “key elements”, you may ask?:


  1. 1) Direction
  2. 2) Ownership
  3. 3) Accountability
  4. 4) Empowered
  5. 5) Measurement
  6. 6) Motivation


Highly successful sales people have the ability to successfully “network” within their own organisations and get things done, but many others need to contend with “Chinese Walls” and other internal obstacles constructed by a brigade of “Business Prevention Officers” (BPOs) [as surprising as this concept may seem, most sales people can relate)…… Without an orchestrated dependency, the people who do not network effectively become victims of their own organisation, blocked at every turn and unable to drive the agenda of the business forward. Sadly 60% of sales people fall into this category, in a previous post we took a look at The Exponential Benefit of Focusing on Middle Performers  and how Sales Methodology can help the situation. Mutual dependency plays a huge role in cross-group collaboration, a business needs to build a functional system where delivering on “the number” is not only left up to the sales team but is owned and embraced by the entire business.


The strategy of an organisation should contain a tangible number or quota which is distributed and owned across the business. You may have heard it said: “Everybody in this business sells, from the tea lady to the CEO!”. That being said, then everybody’s KPI’s should reflect that they have a responsibility to sell and that they should also share in the success of, as well as be recognised for their contribution to the sales of the organisation. In a Sales Driven business, whether a person is directly responsible for collecting the order or responsible to support the collection of the order, their KPIs must contain a revenue number which is related to executing on the strategic direction of the organisation (contributes to the overall quota of the business).

In Part 2:  The necessary Dependency between Sales Quota, Teamwork and Performance, I’ll unpack some of the dependencies between roles and how to write the sales KPIs in order to measure and enforce these dependencies……..


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